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BizeA Spółka z o.o.
Tomice, ul. Europejska 4
05-532 Baniocha k. Warszawy, POLAND
Phone/fax: +48 (22) 244 17 00; +48 (22) 701 31 00; +48 (22) 756 85 61;
fax: +48 (22) 244 52 77;
e-mail: info@bizea.com.pl

BizeA Spółka z o.o. - joint venture of BeA (Germany) and Zakład Mechaniczny BIZON (Poland).

BeA Z.M. Bizon

We offer tools and fasteners for furniture, building, packaging and automotive industries as well as manufactures of various wooden products.

  • BeA pneumatic tools - tackers, staplers, pin and brad nailers, coil nailers, tools for special fasteners (deco nails, hog rings, T-nuts,….).
  • Staples, pins, brads, nails and special fasteners manufactured by Z.M. BIZON and BeA Deutschland.
  • RapidClips for upholstery springs
  • BeA Hotmelt applicators (glue guns) and hotmelt shaped adhesives.
  • Alfamacchine frame assembling machines for mitre joints in picture frames, mitre saws and guillotines for mouldings, mountboard cutting machines, flexipoints for photo frames.
  • Elements and accessories for pneumatic systems: hoses for compressed air, fittings, couplings, compressors.
  • GRACO Fluid Handling - air operated pumps and spray guns.
  • Pneumatic drills and screwdrivers.
  • Rapid and Maestri mechanical tackers
  • Technical service for BeA, Alfamacchine and GRACO products
  • Technical assistance

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