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Fast gluing - industrial glue guns and hot melt adhesives

Simple and genius
Hot melt glues are thermoplastic polymer based materials in solid form In use, they are heated and applied molten to one surface of the parts to be glued, when the surfaces are pressed together the hot melt quickly cools to form an almost instant bond.
The only requirements for a good bond are selection of a correct glue type and sufficient surface quality of connecting materials.
Try saving your time and money
Over recent years, developments have allowed many product assembly applications to benefit from the efficiencies of hot melt adhesives. Aach new application challenges the afficiency of the gluing system and bond quality. Different materials, surfaces and gluing conditions make us to conduct our own testing before introducing gluing application. BizeA offers a variety of glues and glue guns for optimal solution


- Carton sealing
- Packaging sub-assemblies
- Contract packaging
- Fine art packaging (acid free)
- Protective foams

- Badges & emblems
- Plastic assembly
- Sand core assembly
- Luggage assembly
- Fabrics & foams
- Magazine tippins
- Sample books

- Upholstered furniture
- Clamping & positioning
- Fabric bonding
- Corner spacer blocks
- Drawer bottom reinforcement
- V-groove assembly
- Knot filling
- Picture framing
- Securing mirrors to frames

- Gripper attachment
- Carpet repairs
- Stair nosing
- Laminate beading attachment
- Stair carpet bonding
- Under-floor heating

- Component stabilisation
- Attaching components to - PC boards
- Potting
- Coil terminating
- Wire staking
- Vibration protection
- Strain relief of cables
- Fixing & securing battery packs
- Telephone & data cable insulation

- Floristry foam
- Flower arranging
- General assembly
- Balloons (lowmelt)
- Banners

- Shop stands (Displays)
- Advertising
- Banners

- Gift card attachment
- color glue decorations